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Thoughs on Flex

I wrote a long post on how I view the current state of the Rich Web Application platform, Flex - formerly developed by Adobe and now adopted by the open source Apache Foundation.
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Another Successful Ludum Dare

I participated in Ludum Dare 27 last weekend. Instead of Flash I went ahead with Game Maker Studio, which is often derided among "real" game developers, but I like for the speed I can get things up and running.
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Thoughts on Vim

With about 13 years of on-and-off use of VI/Vim, I'd like to think I have some experience on this issue. And in the end I am going to have to agree, Vim is a bit of an oasis in that learning a few neat tricks here and there really makes you feel like you're becoming more productive by using it - but the amount of time you need to commit to get anywhere near using a regular editor is just too much. Like this guy though I too am going to keep on using it here and there despite using Notepad++ and Sublime Text more and more.

The one line of CSS you need to support new HTML5 elements

One quick and easy line of CSS to be able to use HTML5 page elements on any browser
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Ajax Level 2 Experiment Added

Added a quick and dirty exploration of the Ajax Level 2 HTML5 spec. Check it our here.