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Thoughts on KnockoutJS

I've been using KnockoutJS quite intensely for several months now and wanted to give some quick thoughts.
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Another Ludum Dare Entry

I created another game for this winter's Ludum Dare game jam. I spent the vast majority of the allotted time crafting my own physics from scratch, so it's not super heavy on content, but I AM happy with the way the game plays. I was thinking this could be a good opportunity to hammer out my first "post competition" version of a game jam game - with sound, music, more tracks and maybe even AI opponents. We'll see! Play it here

A Post for Prospective Employers

Instead of clogging up my resume with links to all my source code and projects, I just thought I'd make a handy reference for any prospective employers here.
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Speeding Up the 2012 Nexus 7

I think any piece of technology should be able to last you at LEAST three years, so I was a little disappointed when my Nexus 7 became so slow that it was nearly unusable. Doing some research on the internet revealed that this is was not uncommon, and here I have several tips that made my 2012 Nexus 7 perform just as fast as the 2014 iPad Air I use at work.

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Simple .NET Threading

Not having done a ton of threading with .net before, I dive into one method of splitting up simultaneous work. Check out how I dramatically sped up one of my applications with threads.
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