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A Post for Prospective Employers

Instead of clogging up my resume with links to all my source code and projects, I just thought I'd make a handy reference for any prospective employers here.
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Speeding Up the 2012 Nexus 7

I think any piece of technology should be able to last you at LEAST three years, so I was a little disappointed when my Nexus 7 became so slow that it was nearly unusable. Doing some research on the internet revealed that this is was not uncommon, and here I have several tips that made my 2012 Nexus 7 perform just as fast as the 2014 iPad Air I use at work.

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Simple .NET Threading

Not having done a ton of threading with .net before, I dive into one method of splitting up simultaneous work. Check out how I dramatically sped up one of my applications with threads.
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Opening Metro / Modern / Windows Store apps from PowerShell

I like to easily launch stuff with just a few keystrokes in PowerShell, so when I did a Google search on ‘How to Launch Metro Apps from PowerShell’, I was a little surprised to see the first result tell me that doing so was not possible. After some more time spent researching however, I found out that this was not the case.
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Getting Past the Black Bootup Screen in Linux Mint

I plan on making a full post about VirtualBox and the state of Linux at some point in the future, but first I'd like to throw something out there in case someone comes across this while searching for help.
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