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Ready For Some Updates

This site hasn't been updated in a while, and not because I didn't have anything to post.

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New Website

Welcome to my new website. This is actually my sixth website counting all redo's and redesigns. The big upgrade here is that everything you see here is run off of a new content management system I wrote using ASP.NET Core. I used SQLite for development and it made things so easy that I continue to stick with it. The last piece of the technology puzzle here is that I stick everything in a Docker container and deploy it via AWS.
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Another Completed Ludum Dare

My first completed game using only JavaScript and open source tooling.
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Developing AND Running Dot Net Application on a Mac

Technologies like Entity Framework and MVC have been open source for some time now, so although the open sourcing of the .net compiler wasn't a complete shock, it has opened up a world of new possibilities. The first thought that probably popped into people's heads was running web sites and services on cheap Linux boxes, and that is right around the corner, but what I figured I'd take a look at is developing and debugging .net applications on my Mac.
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Thoughts on KnockoutJS

I've been using KnockoutJS quite intensely for several months now and wanted to give some quick thoughts.
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